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You can select any screen that suits your advertising needs from anywhere across the country giving you the power of candle on all screens regardless of your budget.


Get your advert to show 90 times in a day on 3 digital screens spread across lagos.


5th Avenue, FELA, Filmhouse


Get your advert to show 90 times in a day on 3 digital screens spread across lagos.


5th Avenue, FELA, Wuse Market, Filmhouse, Enyo Retail


Get your advert to show 90 times in a day on 3 digital screens spread across lagos.


Madison , FELA, Ebeano Filmhouse

What is Candle ?

200+ Screens

Candle is Africa's largest network of digital with over 200 digital screens spread across Nigeria.

9000+ Campaigns

Candle has executed over 9000 campaigns for brands and businesses till date and more enjoy the power of digital out of home with candle

3000 Active Users

Over 3000 users have used and are currently using candle to run their marketing campaigns with ease.


Everything Candle has to offer

Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the buying platform


We work tirelessly to help breakdown and categorize your audience set or type of customers that you want to reach to make it very simple for you to select only the profile of the audience/customers that you want. This means we have profiles of working class, students, nursing mothers, slay queens, bankers e.t.c whatever audience you are looking for we have 150+ more classification to make your campaign easy.


You do not have to be a media or advertising professional to create and run your advertising campaign. Running your campaigns should be as easy as reading this text. we have developed a process flow that makes it simply to create and run your campaigns instantly at your budget, your time and under your control.


We have invested and are still continually investing in providing premium media inventories at locations, places and convergence areas where customer are and are most like to engage and interact with your brand. Convergence points of entertainment, on major roads, at retail chain stores and more, so that you are where your customers are at every point in time

Mobile Data

Our mobile phones are the most closest data point that reveals our day to day behavioral pattern and provide us with useful information on profiling. Our data capture process are anyonous and EU-GRP complainant. Working with the best technology solutions we are able to create useful consumer partterns that can help you as an advertiser purposefully target your audience.

How it works

A self-serve buying platform

To create your campaign, simply create an account with your username to get started. Once that is completed click on the create campaign button to start your campaign, name your campaign, select a start and end date, set your budget, .

1Create Campaign

Chose your boards, Select the board you want to advertise on or select automatic usage which will place ads on board that meet your audience need at everypoint., Upload your material.

2Start running your advert

Start running. Once you material is uploaded a summary note will be shown, make payments with your card and your campaign is live 2mins later.

3Track your campaign.

Once your campaign is live, you can visit the dashboard to view the performance of your campaign, who Is viewing your campaign, number of people viewing your campaign, how many times your ads played.


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